Axos Fiduciary Services®

Raising the bar on case administration

Our complete suite of customizable fiduciary solutions simplifies the case administration processes and reduce overhead by streamlining your work flow and maximizing your resources within an integrated platform.

Our commitment to the Professional Fiduciary and Advisory industry

Our clients stay ahead of the challenges of modern fiduciary case administration. Using deep industry knowledge and innovative software backed by Axos Bank®, we empower clients to manage complex cases from start to finish.

It's a busy week and your firm was just appointed as a fiduciary for a new case. You have two choices: Do it the hard way, or enlist the help of Axos Fiduciary Services.

At Axos, we have one goal — to make case management simple. We give the professional fiduciaries the administrative support, software, and banking services they need to handle complex cases with ease.

What does that mean for you? It means no more hopping from vendor to vendor to get your needs met. We're not just a fiduciary services provider — we're also a bank. This means you can manage your engagements and open new bank accounts within one digital platform.

We also deliver top-notch client support. Each of our clients has one dedicated Relationship Manager. Your relationship manager will be your primary point person for all banking, software, and case management needs.

This includes Treasury Management, Software Installation, On-Site Training, Disbursement and Noticing Services, and Claims Management.

Our team will act as an extension of yours while providing full support from start to finish. Finally, we offer software solutions to streamline your workflow. Each software solution has extensive security and data encryption to protect your firm.

At Axos Fiduciary Services we are relentlessly focused on your success. We are committed to the professional fiduciary industry and continually invest in the right people and technology to help you succeed. So, what will you choose: The hard way...or the Axos way?

Axos Fiduciary Services. We are case management, evolved.

Technology Driven

We combine human insight and digital expertise to provide innovative tools.


We constantly evolve and optimize, serving the needs of today's clients.

Customer Focused

We are passionate about your success. We'll work closely with you to ensure an efficient process.