About Us

Built from the ground up to serve the case management needs of today's clients.

Raising the Bar on Case Administration

Axos Fiduciary Services® is a technology-driven professional fiduciary case management company. Since 1994, we've leveraged deep experience and innovative technology to provide solutions for all fiduciary and advisory matters, regardless of how large or complex.

With a team of accomplished industry experts, we bring order and confidence to complex and often time-consuming tasks. We have a proven track record of helping professional fiduciaries and advisors save time and money with an integrated software and banking platform.

We're confident you'll see how our relentless focus on your success raises the bar in professional services. We'll deliver what you need, when you need it, and take the extra steps to help you work through any challenge.

Marchand Boyd

Head of Global Fiduciary Banking & Services

Marchand Boyd focuses his decades-long Fiduciary banking and services career on fostering consultative and client-centric partnerships. Exercising deep-rooted industry knowledge, Marchand formulates market and engagement-specific deposit management solutions, empowering his clients with the specialized banking accommodations they need to administer their fiduciary responsibilities successfully.

Courtney Ward

First Vice President, Managing Director of Client Operations

Courtney Ward leads our relationship management and professional services teams responsible for client engagement, retention, and overall servicing. With experience in bank operations and financial services, Courtney provides expertise in AML, fraud prevention, online banking, and project management.

Brett Yambor

Vice President, Director of Client Services

As Director of Client Services, Brett Yambor leads a team supporting Chapter 7 Trustees and fiduciaries. With over 20 years of experience in product creation and account management, he thrives in developing and automating services based on client needs. Excelling in his goal-oriented approach, Brett's motivation lies in directing teams to fulfill client expectations and position Axos as an industry leader.

Leslie Perez

Vice President, Director of Professional Services

Leslie Perez utilizes her managerial expertise to streamline legal tasks into efficient processes, without compromising quality. Leslie is dedicated to transforming cumbersome tasks into lean operations, ensuring optimal efficiency in the legal domain.