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Raising the Bar on Case Administration

Axos Fiduciary Services® is a technology-driven professional fiduciary case management company. Since 1994, we've leveraged deep experience and innovative technology to provide solutions for all fiduciary and advisory matters, regardless of how large or complex.

With a team of accomplished industry experts, we bring order and confidence to complex and often time-consuming tasks. We have a proven track record of helping professional fiduciaries and advisors save time and money with an integrated software and banking platform.

We're confident you'll see how our relentless focus on your success raises the bar in professional services We'll deliver what you need, when you need it, and take the extra steps to help you work through any challenge.

Executive Vice President and Managing Director

Jill Bauer

Executive Vice President and Managing Director

With more than 25 years of experience in financial and technology services, Jill Bauer continues to lead Axos Fiduciary Services. Jill brings her subject matter expertise to the bankruptcy trustee and fiduciary community along with her treasury management experience.

Phone: (913) 735-8520

Email: [email protected]

Executive Vice President and Managing Director

John Krogman

Business Development Manager

John Krogman brings decades of experience in software within industries ranging from medical to energy, which has prepared him with the ability to identify unique needs, have meaningful, consultative conversations and create the right set of solutions for his clients. He proudly champions AFS’s commitment to providing best-in-class software, banking and service.

Phone: (858) 649-2103

Email: [email protected]